Tuesday, May 31, 2011

King's Table

So after the poll results this week's prop is a king's table.  This topic is open-ended so feel free to do anything with this.  This can be a medieval to modern or even sci-fi table.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Okay I just figured out how to make more admins on here.  I granted permissions to a couple of you guys so you can add more links and authors.  Also everyone on the blog should be receiving notifications on here now through their emails.  If you guys don't want to get any of these email notifications I can take you off also.  Just a reminder next weeks topic poll is up so make a vote if you can.  Hope everyone is having a great summer. 

Oh ps I'll put this in a resource link on the blog here but I stumbled on this a day back.  Looks like a good plugin for photoshop for making normal maps-link

Next week's topic vote

Hey guys so I made a poll for next week's topic.  I also added a fourth choice if you guys hate these topic also ;)

My thinking is topic's based on simple objects that could be high-poly modeled or not so everyone has the time to do something and even possibly texture it.  So with something like a Mailbox you could do a really simple model but do a great texture on it or you could do crazy modeled mailboxes like this - link

Anyway this is just my opinion.  Let me know what you guys think.  There are three days to vote on the topic.

*edit*  Just one thing I wanted to add in here.  Next week I'd like to pool all our ideas for future topics into a post.  If you look at the weekly activities on conceptart.org or other sites they usually have one post where a whole lot of topics are suggested and we can always pull from them.   But yep just let me know again what you'd like to see on here.


Hey guys so I threw together this model quickly...eh...think it might be coming across as more of a teleporter right now.  I was thinking once the person enters inside it spins around at a hyper speed and cut's a hole in time.  Think I won't have time to texture this up...  Anywho I head out Friday to Phoenix...totally forgot but I'll be back next week.  Hey by the way I will be posting up a poll for next weeks topic.  Make sure to vote in it!  I'm thinking simple topics that you could high model if you wanted.  Something like a door for instance...I know simple generic topic but look at these insane modeled doors! link

Also I'm not sure how to work the permissions on here yet.  If you guys want me to add links or have any suggestions let me know.  Also if any of you guys know how I can give permissions to anyone else on the blog let me know as well.  Any ways to make this work more and get this into a serious weekly activity the better!

Hope to see some other models in here before the week is up. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wibbly Wobblely... Timey Wimey...

Hey guys so here's my high poly WIP for the whole time telling device thing.

The concept is my own. The idea is that it's an armillary, which is an ancient time keeping device similar to a sundial from my understanding, attached to a rotating pillar that then tells time based on the armillary on a giant clock face onto which the pillar is bolted.

I'm wondering if you guys had any ideas on where to add more gears and interesting details to it cause it'll seem pretty bland till I texture the clock face which'll need to stay relatively flat and smooth. I'm planning on adding bolts with just the nvidia filter as they're not really worth the effort to bake for the most part. Also I'm planning on adding holes through the bottom of the pillar where the gears go so that they look as though they're part of it, right now they just look stuck in.

Anyways thanks in advance for crits, and extra points to anyone who know's what the post title is referencing.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Assignment Number One: Time Keeping Device

Alright, I suppose since no one had any suggestions they particularly wanted to model other than Grace we'll go with her suggestion of a time keeping device.

Remember it can be interpreted as loosely as you want (it can be anything from a pocket watch to a complicated series of tubes gears and sundials) and you can use either your own concept art or something you found. Just come back with a model by Monday two weeks from today!

As for a character if anyone want's to suggest something go for it. Otherwise I kinda wanna try doing a zombie holocaust survivor, again interpretation can be very broad and you should have fun with it. If you're doing a character I guess it should be ready like maybe 3-4 weeks from now...

Well, anyways if you like the suggestions get going on em, if not feel free to post stuff for crits here anyways I'd say.

If anyone has better ideas on how to run things or suggestions for next time speak up, cause only two people commented on my plan. o.O

Also we should try and add more modeling people to the blog so we've got more people to post and crit. Sean if you could give some more of us permissions to add people to the blog we can go out and grab some more like minded people :D

Saturday, May 14, 2011

What Do?

So guys I propose we run this thing kinda like Shut Up and Sketch, and Concept Sketch's Character/Environment/Etc. of the week.

So I think we should think of and agree on a topic each week, or two weeks, depending on what people think, and everyone models something that fits that topic.

What I mean by that is we should have a topic like "Sci-Fi crate" (a generic example I know but it works) So then everyone would go find or create a concept for "Sci Fi crate" and post within the next week a model with textures of a Sci Fi crate of some description.

You could post your in progress work and get crits from everyone on the blog which would help that particular model as well as your overall skill.

And then each week we'd start a new topic on Monday the same time the previous topic was due. You'd be in no way obligated to participate in each one and the week time limit wouldn't be heavily enforced but it'd be a good guideline to try and follow, but of course life often gets in the way.

In addition we could do the same thing for characters but do it every two or three weeks as character models are much more complex.

Let me know what you guys think and if you like it comment with some ideas for this week's topic :D