Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wibbly Wobblely... Timey Wimey...

Hey guys so here's my high poly WIP for the whole time telling device thing.

The concept is my own. The idea is that it's an armillary, which is an ancient time keeping device similar to a sundial from my understanding, attached to a rotating pillar that then tells time based on the armillary on a giant clock face onto which the pillar is bolted.

I'm wondering if you guys had any ideas on where to add more gears and interesting details to it cause it'll seem pretty bland till I texture the clock face which'll need to stay relatively flat and smooth. I'm planning on adding bolts with just the nvidia filter as they're not really worth the effort to bake for the most part. Also I'm planning on adding holes through the bottom of the pillar where the gears go so that they look as though they're part of it, right now they just look stuck in.

Anyways thanks in advance for crits, and extra points to anyone who know's what the post title is referencing.


  1. I think the silhouette needs some bigger shapes.

  2. You mean the silhouette overall? Or the silhouette of the clock base?

    Either way I agree I think I'm gonna think up some cool gear/pointy filgree stuff to stick out around the base.

    Thanks :D

  3. How big is this prop in comparison to a character?

  4. I was thinking this would be something the character could walk up to and or possibly walk on.

    In other works this thing would be a large room fixture rather than something you'd find on a desk.

  5. Interesting man looks pretty neat. I was thinking those gears are looking pretty soft right now. Most gears in devices have more rigid edges generally. I'd think about adding maybe more nut's and bolts in it to give it more scale also.