Thursday, May 26, 2011


Hey guys so I threw together this model it might be coming across as more of a teleporter right now.  I was thinking once the person enters inside it spins around at a hyper speed and cut's a hole in time.  Think I won't have time to texture this up...  Anywho I head out Friday to Phoenix...totally forgot but I'll be back next week.  Hey by the way I will be posting up a poll for next weeks topic.  Make sure to vote in it!  I'm thinking simple topics that you could high model if you wanted.  Something like a door for instance...I know simple generic topic but look at these insane modeled doors! link

Also I'm not sure how to work the permissions on here yet.  If you guys want me to add links or have any suggestions let me know.  Also if any of you guys know how I can give permissions to anyone else on the blog let me know as well.  Any ways to make this work more and get this into a serious weekly activity the better!

Hope to see some other models in here before the week is up. 

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