Monday, May 16, 2011

Assignment Number One: Time Keeping Device

Alright, I suppose since no one had any suggestions they particularly wanted to model other than Grace we'll go with her suggestion of a time keeping device.

Remember it can be interpreted as loosely as you want (it can be anything from a pocket watch to a complicated series of tubes gears and sundials) and you can use either your own concept art or something you found. Just come back with a model by Monday two weeks from today!

As for a character if anyone want's to suggest something go for it. Otherwise I kinda wanna try doing a zombie holocaust survivor, again interpretation can be very broad and you should have fun with it. If you're doing a character I guess it should be ready like maybe 3-4 weeks from now...

Well, anyways if you like the suggestions get going on em, if not feel free to post stuff for crits here anyways I'd say.

If anyone has better ideas on how to run things or suggestions for next time speak up, cause only two people commented on my plan. o.O

Also we should try and add more modeling people to the blog so we've got more people to post and crit. Sean if you could give some more of us permissions to add people to the blog we can go out and grab some more like minded people :D


  1. Also another question. Tir and texture limits... do we use them? or do we just leave it to the discretion of the modeler? That way we can do low mid or production quality models depending on what we're feeling like...

    Personally I think we shouldn't do them for all of the "assignments" but I think it'd be a nice challenge to impose some strict limits on some of them, like tri count or no normal maps etc...

  2. I think if we want to do a specifically low production quality challenge, we should make a limit. However, for this first one, let's choose whatever we like.

  3. Okay I posted on the other post you had Alex but if you guys want to invite others to the blog that would be totally cool. I think everyone should be able to to have the ability to invite others.

    Okay coming from a total noob when it comes to modeling lets keep this open when it comes tir and texture limits at first. I think once we get this rolling when can impose more limits and throw up challenges. That's just my opinion though.

  4. Hey guys if you can't add authors let me know and just send me their emails and I'll add them. If you guys want this doesn't need to be just a lcad thing either. we could mention this on facebook also and get other people on here as well. Anyway just hit me up on facebook and let me know. I'll be back in AZ Saturday so I'll be checking my mail more often also. By the way I'm making changes to the theme on this might of noticed it. I'll be adding links also on the sides. If you guys know cool modelers, resources, or other cool stuff lets add some of it to this blog also.

  5. Definitely two good modelers would be


    but they're both Character people