Saturday, May 14, 2011

What Do?

So guys I propose we run this thing kinda like Shut Up and Sketch, and Concept Sketch's Character/Environment/Etc. of the week.

So I think we should think of and agree on a topic each week, or two weeks, depending on what people think, and everyone models something that fits that topic.

What I mean by that is we should have a topic like "Sci-Fi crate" (a generic example I know but it works) So then everyone would go find or create a concept for "Sci Fi crate" and post within the next week a model with textures of a Sci Fi crate of some description.

You could post your in progress work and get crits from everyone on the blog which would help that particular model as well as your overall skill.

And then each week we'd start a new topic on Monday the same time the previous topic was due. You'd be in no way obligated to participate in each one and the week time limit wouldn't be heavily enforced but it'd be a good guideline to try and follow, but of course life often gets in the way.

In addition we could do the same thing for characters but do it every two or three weeks as character models are much more complex.

Let me know what you guys think and if you like it comment with some ideas for this week's topic :D


  1. i think this is a great idea alex! 2 weeks sounds good. i don't got ideas for this week, so do you have any? :)

  2. Not really >.< haha I was hoping you guys would cause I've been at a loss for something to model recently... Maybe we should try using this thing to come up with ideas

    That or Steampaint

    let me know what you think. If no one else comes up with something I'll pick something at random using the "Combat sim"

    and I agree two weeks is probably better cause more often than not I bet we'll wanna just concept our own stuff and then model it, which'll take more time.

  3. Maybe "Elegant Scepter" I think that'd be fun to find some ref for and model

  4. 2 weeks sounds good to me too. How about we start off with a time-telling device?

  5. I'm good with time telling device. Hopefully the other guys will pay attention and give a vote too haha

  6. Cool a time traveling device eh? Sounds good, I think two weeks is good...1 week is too short for the newbies like me :D

    I'm still in the process of moving so I'll see if I can get something in this first week.

    I'm gonna mess with the theme on this page also. Make it look nicer and stuff. Also if you guys want to invite anyone else to the blog totally feel free to. The more the merrier. Heck if this works out nicely maybe we could also get Don on here :D

  7. Oh on regards to characters I say let's stick to props first and then we could go on to characters...but yeah those would take more then likely 2 weeks. Okay anywho...time traveling device it is. Maybe we can set up a poll for the next topic also :D